ART Habens Art Review - Page 117

Hana Jaeger ART Habens the painting are antiheroes, underdogs, weaklings, vulnerable like in the German expressionism I use for inspiration. There's a social expression in my works stemming from an intimately non-defiant place. All my works are untitled. Open, unraveled reading is very important for me. They say that an artist knows what he wants to create but doesn't know what he has eventually created. The moment you have completed your work and exposed it to the viewer it is expropriated from you. The subjects in my work are universal, and it's so interesting and surprising to hear from people how each one connects. Each one with whateve I˜YHHYH\Y\H\YKH\ܛ \H\HHYBY\[H\Z[ܚ[\œY][Y\YH[[܈\Kܚ[B][K[^Y\Y H]HX]و\\X[\Z[HHܞHܚ][[ NNL[Y\ۈ[]\[ۋ[][\Y\BX[HوH\\\][]H\[\H[Y\ˈH\IܙHY][Y\[™܈ۈH\ۘ[[ۈH][ۘ[][ˈHYX\[܈Y][ZH] [[ۙHY\\ܝ^YY[^HZ[[ž[HY[][HۉHXH[[[ۙB]]H[ \\X[\XY ܈X^XBIXZYۙH^H B XX[\Y