ART Habens Art Review - Page 114

ART Habens Hana Jaeger dedicated home, but only ostensibly so. It was a wounded home. Perhaps that's why I deal more with the marginal and the weak, contemplate the day-to-day people, those we don't see, the transparent, and document the moments that pass us by unnoticed, but I bestow full splendor on them all. I bring them from backstage to the front of the stage. At the beginning of my career I painted an abstract work which, on looking back, turned out to be for me an excellent exercise in composition, colorfulness, application of paint and brush strokes, etc. I worked on bird's eye or actual frontal views of brush stained paintings and gradually I began to sharpen the stain to something concretely figurative. And the paintings flowed out as if they'd been waiting for years to see the light of day, to feel the fresh air, and with them the subjects. Somewhat like Degas peeking at dancers behind the scenes I peek at people (mostly men) in everyday scenarios. The subjects of the paintings are without pathos. They're of a prosaic anti heroic stature. They're of a kind that are sometimes not worth a second look. But I see them as worth painting and brought from behind the scenes into the foreground. The paintings are low key, at times exposed and other times radiating acute feeling. With no cynicism or overt criticism the paintings turn a spotlight on them. The palette of colors is accordingly of minor and major half tones. The people in Special Issue 23 4 05