ART Habens Art Review - Page 113

An interview by and , curator curator Hana Jaeger Please allow me to make things clear. I first studied mathematics and economics for a bachelor's degree. I then went on to earn an MBA in communication and only later did I get to art school. During all these years I'd been dealing with craft, which made me well prepared for working in art. Many people see my turning from mathematics to art as a surprising deviation, but I think that there's a great deal of creativity in mathematics, just like in art. Nevertheless, what has captivated me in art is its infinite freedom. Here there are no strict rules like in mathematics. You're free to do anything: "We painters have the same freedom granted to poets and the mentally ill." said painter Paolo Veronese. I came 'tabula rasa' to my art studies, like a child taking its first steps, but with much more maturity and a rich life load. I feel that this combination has contributed greatly to the nature of my creativity both in my essence and in my handwriting. Without being aware of it, and as someone who grew up in the home of Holocaust survivors, a melancholy chord has permeated my works. The house I grew up in was a normative and 4 04 Special Issue