ART Habens Art Review - Page 108

Diego Bernaschina ART Habens research, it’s complex to study to be able to use the philosophy of conceptual art or the philosophical thought of contemporary art. Just as the current situation on these selected works could be understood. However, it’s very difficult to get the attention of the public about the general questions because my illness of hearing loss, by the way, quite complexity of hearing and thinking towards a specific answer. On the contrary, as simple as the viewers read and observe my own explanatory texts of each work. Thus it's adapted as the operation under the observation of the works done. Therefore, I find it very reasonable to avoid and warn the confusion of the answers outside the issues addressed in the artistic project, or a misunderstanding. I appreciate it especially to the magazine about the first interview written in English. I'd like everyone of the visual and new media arts, I could count as the guest artist to know the works, depending on my own disciplines, since I’m not good at speaking English. Maybe I can write in English as the "conversation notebook" to be able to observe and dialogue their own experiences through the works done. So they could share in different projects. As always I have dedicated to experiencing the new ideas through art socialization in Chile. I also would have liked to participate in another Latin American artist, of course, the artists of Europe to analyze aesthetically through the current society. An interview by and Special Issue , curator curator 23 4 05