ART Habens Art Review - Page 107

Diego Bernaschina ART Habens Therefore, the life of the arts needs an open space and be positive to change the face through an augmented reality. Unfortunately. I can not know, nor comment on that direct participation of the viewers in the audience, I have not traveled to those festivals either. I did not have time to attend. I was very busy in several outstanding projects. I just registered an application form for that call on the website of the Festival of Spain. Then I got an email about the selected result. This way we manage via email to request the details of production materials and assemblies. It's the simplest. I also registered up for the Miami New Media Festival through the digital form. Subsequently, an email arrived to notify the selected results to that festival of medial arts. Thanks to the advance of technology in social communication to visualize the digital conversation. And also, thanks to the academic mentors of the course of the tutoring of artistic research of Cancha Santiago, I was taught the basic forms of artist statement to be profiled as the authorial works. And sometimes quite doubtful and complex to give it the certainty and the demand of a neo- social art, in judging by this philosophical 21 4 06 Special Issue