ART Habens Art Review - Page 104

ART Habens Diego Bernaschina Obviously my country’s for life. With the time of dedicating to the work of the artistic education, (inter)cultural and technological. To realize things aren't easy occupationally active towards a role of the inclusive teacher. Thanks to a hearing friend, she’s also a visual artist, and she offered me an interview with an officer of the National Council of Culture and the Arts —Chilean government agency responsible for arts and cultural policy— together with a deaf artist on the approach of art education to promote and improve the quality through creativity and cultural training of the most vulnerable students. However, I’m already interested on hiring you. This is a good opportunity for reflection on oneself if someone who gives a good situation humanely; with a thousand breaths to play a good performance of working life in the artistic world. But the life of teaching’s very complicated, because it could not talk so much in several minutes or in several hours. So, the time was written on the blackboard or in dispositive as didactic support, and also to reduce the annoyance of vocal sounds. They simply thought that our voice’s heard different like a strange recording, or sometimes they said my foreign voice. I felt a compliment, because I could not stand in a thousand years that they repeated in the same phrase of "you're talking like a foreign (sound)..." That I felt uncomfortable to put it. As I was born hearing loss in both ears and I learned to speak with the native language since my childhood. Parallel, I learned to use with sign language. But formerly, I divorced the world of the listeners, and the world of the deaf. Too shocking and confusing for me. I almost ruined my life in isolation. I was only interested with the listeners to obtain the stable communication. I didn't realize it and it was stupid of me. For that reason, it avoided controversies by the distance of the deaf community. At present, this situation has changed remarkably. A new beginning of social life has been formed to challenge definitive inclusion. Special Issue 23 4 05