ART Habens Art Review - Page 103

Diego Bernaschina ART Habens sociocultural analysis to readaptate the recognition through a change of direction in the future, but in this sense, the greater concern of that artistic research on the language like social art. Thus the social responsibility in the art, to deepen the social shortage in the new generations within the cultural context and artistic production. It’s difficult to speak politically. I only exclude myself with the sociopolitical criticism, but a demonstration of power in the society to react and intervene in any situation that it may seem detrimental to their reputation and their political-economic interests; and they also have too brutal indebtedness of the Chileans and the wage dispossession of some members of the middle class family (the people cohabit in a family space, impossible to distribute their indebtedness), includes in a high degree of economic inequality among the young and older adults. Good question! I could say in both things. First, the environment’s related to dirt such as the environmental pollution, fecal and acoustic (or sonorous), because the h Y[\œ[H][ۈHY][[\ZK^Hۉ\HX]HX[[[ BZ[وZ\[H[Y]]X][ۜˈ›]X[\و[X[YK^H[x&\\BX\YY[[[[[Y\œ\ܝ[H[HY]]X][ۜˈHۉ[^\]HY][[\ܝ[Y\X\[[[\ݚ[H[و[K]]ۛHYY[\\XXHYXHBXX[[X[K[]XYH]XHHX[X[Y\][ۈۈHݙ\KH[\[\]X[]K]ˈ]\x&[H\[[ݙYHH^Hو[[H]X[]Y\[ۋ[]\H]\X\][H[X[]Y\\\\ˈ\[\H[ܚ]B\\H]HYX[ۈۈHX[؛[\^K\H[[ۜ][ۈقH[XY\^\[[XXH]X[]X][ۋH[[Y[ۈH\YBو[\[XK܈\Hܚ[Y]Hܚ]X[\و۝[\ܘ\HܙX][ۋ] \]\^K[]8&\X\[BH[[ۈ]\X\^\H[BX]H[Hو\X[ۈ[H]\K؝[\K]8&\\H]Y\[ۈوBܚ\\]]8&\HX]\و[YH X]B\[[H\ Kو\KقX\]K܈[]][HوZ[[ܙB\[ۘXK] ^K\x&\HY\[Xܜ[[\[و\[H[X[[][ۋ\Y[\H[X[[]H\X[[\x&\\X\^YHBX][Y[[\[۝^ [Xۙ HX]Xܜ\ۙ˜HXXH]]ۜ[][]\B]X[HXH\H\وH[ۜ[\Z[ \HYX[Y\HX[]X][ۈ۝[Z[]HBYYوڙX[Y[\ [Y][\ܙX]H][[Y[H]Z\ܙZYۈZ][ܜ]]HX]Y][ܜY\YHX]HX[][ۂH\\X[XYK[H[[Hق[XY[][ۋ\X[]KۙHۛI˜\XHو[[][ˈ] ]ܚH[]H]X]\HH[XYBو[K]\[ۙHۛ]^H[x&\™[و^\H]H\وH[ۜ[\›Z[ [\XH[Y][K]8&\X\\HۛH]\HX[^\Y[\[Y[^\BB XX[\Y