ART Habens Art Review // Special Issue ART Habens Art Review - Special Issue #89 - Page 99

Joshua Healey Lapena ART Habens reinterpreted their structures and colors. This is not like a dream, as with surrealism, but a connection or attitude within a collective unconscious. It is personal in its interpretation, but not in its experience. Jung says that dreams are about the subjective, being in a synthetic unity with itself, while the objective is analytical and breaks it down into memory. Yes, I am interested in the mythology of scientific thinking; the idea of scientific theories having little evidence. Even though scientific theories have the proofs, their reasoning can be found to fail when confronted with their own mythology. Theories on a global agenda like, global warming, AI, the big bang all cultivate mythological ideas of being and anti- design while abducting them. That is, much is made of refuting others beliefs as opposed to falsifying them. Theories emerge out of evidence that comes together in the form of opinions. This is how I deconstruct those opinions; as images, which my experience holds a deep attachment too. Since there is no desire, I believe the work also functions as an autonomous aesthetic. I find myself reacting to the norm that valuable art answers or follows the public folk psychology; being an enquiry into moral, historical, religious or political ideals. My freedom to explore the juxtaposition of these phenomena is not just about discovering a connection, but also self- preservation. Without my own rules for the composition of such a language, how can I know myself? The colors in my juxtaposed works get their vibrancy from being built up; the errors are covered up by something close to a glossy photographic finish. The surface hides the layout of pencil required so I do not have to worry about the composition and can focus on the colors. Often, I work from darker colors back to lighter ones; in many SF movies’ it is the darkness which 21 4 06 Special Issue