ART Habens Art Review // Special Issue ART Habens Art Review - Special Issue #89 - Page 95

Joshua Healey Lapena ART Habens faced with unknowns that fit within archetypes of experiences that he has different degrees of control over. Being in a state of the conscious unknown the dilemma of what could have been otherwise and the anxiety of dealing with the consequences corresponded to my interest in the mind. Theories like those of Freud’s dreams and Jung’s transference have helped me explore the relation of the conscious, subconscious to the unconscious mind. Akira was another movie that influenced my thinking; the way the music together with the animation juxtaposition unexpected forms that transformed and transcended the mere representation of their reality. With the same attention to detail, I like to plan my images, so the schedule of their conception becomes well formed. That is, like a process that can be advanced by subtle experimentation to achieve the desired results e.g. This slow methodical approach helps to prevent me from being distracted from being true to the conception of my idea. Although I have used some of my own photographs as sources for my paintings, I decided I want to include the consciousness of others’ perception. The permission to use their photos adds to the significance of the value given to the images by an unconscious collective. Seeing how they separate or are suspended by being human or non-human, their ontology rests on the different way the colors and structures are composed. Sometimes I create a collage digitally using photoshop, or a do a drawing to help get a sense of the layout. Even though I paint from a selection of photographic images, I have reimagined and 21 4 06 Special Issue