ART Habens Art Review // Special Issue ART Habens Art Review - Special Issue #89 - Page 86

ART Habens Lael Burns in some capacity, as really this is my desire for all I do. I see my work becoming more sculpturally tangible. I’m currently experimenting with working on wood panels instead of canvas, as they are more suitable for the mixed media direction my work is taking. I’m enjoying the options presented when working on a rigid surface in terms of combining painting, drawing, and the attachment of other more sculptural materials to the surface of the panel. Im exploring the idea of making sculpture/painting hybrids instead of having separate bodies of sculptures and paintings going. I’ve always wanted to integrate shiny metal and real automotive paint into my work, so that may be something I can explore at some point. Thank you again for allowing me a chance to share my thoughts about my work so openly with your readers! While working I try not to think too much about the audience because I want my work to be as honest and pure as possible. I need to be able to shut the world out and really just connect with God. But it’s beautiful to see how people seem to connect most to the more vulnerable pieces, as they have the most life in them. Whether through small, slow, tender marks or an abrupt collision of edges drawing one in, or the intermingling of large bold forms and obtrusive color interactions that speak from a distance, each work has both a hidden and revealed narrative embedded in the history of its making. Like a map, this history decodes visual information, unveiling personal meaning that strives to connect to the viewers sense of self. Above all, I would hope my work would illuminate Christ to the viewer Special Issue An interview by and 23 4 76 , curator curator