ART Habens Art Review // Special Issue ART Habens Art Review - Special Issue #89 - Page 8

ART Habens Jack Rosenberg technology and the 21st century. These visual and visceral languages are embedded in my subconscious and I need to remain vigilant towards their influences in my art- making, sometimes deferring to their influence while sometimes taking care to avoid clichés and unintended art historical connotations and references. It’s then essential to use this training/education as the launching point of an ever-expanding skill set that allows an artist begin his or her unique artistic journey and to begin exploring and experimenting. Then, to compliment education, dedicated studio practice—along with constant exploration and experimentation—is essential to liberate the artist from learned viewpoints and allow the development of an authentic inner vision. My art-making process takes one of two distinct avenues: 1) My intrinsic response to a particular visual image. 2) A quest for a visual to represent an intellectual question that needs to be answered, illustrated or endowed with a particular mood. Having had classical training in figurative art and portraiture, the basic tools of composition, color, balance, materials and techniques are always available to me, and these elements form the underpinnings and starting point of each new painting. My artistic evolution has come as a direct result of my artistic motivations and satisfactions. I constantly take into account what pleases me about making art: what Special Issue 23 4 05