ART Habens Art Review // Special Issue ART Habens Art Review - Special Issue #89 - Page 77

Lael Burns ART Habens spiritual beautification via the Holy Spirit. then choose to refine their voice through the material aspects of the work in order to add specificity of personal narrative. For example, the flames in my work specifically reference hot rods which may only be obvious to the viewer who has history with custom car culture. So I have the choice to either leave the connection open ended, or I could make it more specific by painting on metal with automotive paint or by using pinstriping designs which may be a more obvious connection. As a Christian, I make work about the process of knowing God and the wonderfully raw experience of being born again and being constantly changed by the Holy Spirit everyday. This is the primary driving force behind my work. For example, the organic forms I describe in the “Revival’s Seed” series, are synthetically adorned organs, wombs, and hearts that display the external evidence of internal rebirth and are a physical manifestation of things intangible and infinite. These sculptures are some of my most recent works and represent a new, exciting direction in my work. As potent mixtures of sculpture, drawing, and painting, I think of them in the context of painting and a seamless continuation of my two dimensional work. Symbolism in my work: The flames I mentioned above, as referencing car culture, are really not about cars at all, but are entry point to things in life that are fleeting and carnal, the lusts of the eye and impure motives of the heart. However, flames can also symbolize the idea of inner refinement, as in the burning away of impurities by the fire of the Holy Spirit. Ornamental hood decals and sparkly paint can speak to the visual softening of something hard and made of steel as metaphor for the softening of the heart. The organic forms I work with are a stand in for the inner self in relationship to God. I often utilize lace patterns as a picture of adornment, beauty, safety, and security. The use of glitter is a nod to metal flake automotive paint and is a symbol for the idea of deep inner healing and 21 4 67 Special Issue