ART Habens Art Review // Special Issue ART Habens Art Review - Special Issue #89 - Page 63

Anita Le Sech look at lease for a while to make sense and perhaps order of what they see. For example I did a painting called the The Butterfly Effect. Some people saw it as the Houses of Parliament, others saw Bikes and cars in it but then there were others who thought it was just a lot of wavy lines. It was truly amazing to see how people interpret paintings and what they actually see. ART Habens works to a hungry audience and explain the whole idea of why you produced the works. Conversation and interaction is key to any artist who wants to improve on their work as feedback and honesty of others is sometimes a great influence. The language of passion from an Artist to i ]YY[H]\H\YXH[\XH[[\[Y[[ۋHܙH[]HXY\\H\[YH^[\\و[XY[][ۋYB[HZYHܙHZH[\K\[]8&\[ܙHZHXH][ۋ[]HXY\[HYH]\™\]ܚ܈[^[ۋݙ\[ H[YY[\[XY[][ۈ[܈[BXYH]^HYKH[\\ۘ[^\Y[\HXZK]\و\Z[[\]]HXXYK][[H]و[HH[XHYH]ܚ][\X^H\[\[[X\HXX[H[[Z[ˈ\[\Y\[H\Y[ۙ]YH]X]\X[^\[Y[] ^HYX\[۝[YHH\B[\H^\Y H[XB[ܙH[\\X]]H\^]Hق\Y\]X][\ˈ]\œXK[[\Y]B[\]܂\]܂H\Z[H[Y]H][]YY[BX\[ۈ\[\ܝ[ ]\[ܝ[]B܈H\\YY][ܙY]Y]\ˈ[ܝ[]H[\X[^Z[Z\B XX[\Y