ART Habens Art Review // Special Issue ART Habens Art Review - Special Issue #89 - Page 45

Tatawa (Wei Tan) ART Habens into it. My job is to “confess” and I imagine that whoever relates to that confession will come forward like a magnet. It is quite a self-‐ centered approach but it also greatly simplifies things. I do not particularly like the idea of effort, and a crucial aspect of my painting process is to sustain a sense of effortless momentum. I would hope that the audience’s enjoyment or interpretation of my artwork carries this sense of effortlessness as well. Thank you for your questions – I have learned much about myself while answering them. I recently finished an artist residency at Joya: arte + ecología in Spain. I will be taking a three-‐month course at Berlin Art Institute, during which I hope to show my work to the Berlin audience. As a sense of place is important in my artwork, I hope to keep travelling and participate in more artist residencies around the world. For a while I will be focusing on absorbing influences and increasing variety in my artistic expressions. I might even venture out into sculpture or other mediums… I regularly update my progress on Instagram and my website so stay in tune! are not willing to be interested in. I am a lazy person in the way that I am quick to decide whether or not I want to look at an artwork in depth. This is also a result of my tendency to be easily overwhelmed by too much visual stimuli. I have to filter out certain things in order to dive into certain things. I hope that my artwork attracts viewers who are interested in diving An interview by and 21 4 06 , curator curator Special Issue