ART Habens Art Review // Special Issue ART Habens Art Review - Special Issue #89 - Page 42

ART Habens Tatawa (Wei Tan) listen to. A good example is Björk, which has the magma-‐like texture, volcanic explosiveness, thread-‐like intricacy, childlike directness, and heartbreaking intensity which I deeply resonate with and subconsciously mimic in my artwork. My background in classical piano and flamenco guitar definitely play a part in my art as well. I think this question is particularly relevant to me as my work is about exposing influences. I am almost certain that about every gesture in my paintings has been heavily influenced by something else, and that true originality is non-‐existent. The idea of the real and imagined comes up a lot in everything I do – my writing, music and artwork. To me the bottom line is that imagination is as real as reality, or rather, a part of reality. As the person behind the imagination is a product of reality, no imagination comes “out of the blue” and is not a response to real, past experience. My artwork demolishes this boundary and the word I use (instead of real and imagined) is “confessional”. I draw from both everyday experience and the inner self since both are the same to me. I use the analogy of “painting as making soup” because I believe in the “soup-‐like” nature of Special Issue things – real and imagined, outer experience and inner self etc., and what I make is bound to contain a bit of everything, since you can’t really separate one ingredient from the other 23 4 05