ART Habens Art Review // Special Issue ART Habens Art Review - Special Issue #89 - Page 31

Tatawa (Wei Tan) ART Habens every painting is a set of broken habits. My commitment to spontaneity is still there, but I just want to distinguish between habit and true spontaneity, one that creates new gestures instead of repeating old ones. I don’t think I will ever reach an end with the search for new gestures, but I imagine that my commitment will continue to change. Like I mentioned in the first question, I want to allow my sense of beauty to change as often and as quickly as it needs to. I am glad that you mention this because openness is a very important aspect of my art. Just as painting satisfies my craving for spontaneity, it satisfies my desire for openness. With a society built on rules and restrictions comes the thirst for ambiguity and a freedom from right or wrong. I simply project my desire for this freedom onto the viewer and expect that they feel liberation at the notion of being able to interpret an artwork subjectively and point where you are limited by the nature of habit. No matter how the hand tries to move differently, it is unable to shake off its conditioning. So my next commitment is to chal