ART Habens Art Review // Special Issue ART Habens Art Review - Special Issue #89 - Page 171

Sandra Janjatovic connection and that the production of artistic pieces is headed in this direction. ART Habens The artist is the one who is changed as well that which makes him an artist. Firstly, today with through the new media, an artist is “forced” to explore new ways of production of his artworks. Of course, that is if he wants to reach the spectators to whom the image on the screen is much more appealing than that on the canvas. Even when he wants to apply for the exhibition or to present and show his artwork to broader audience, he uses photography and internet. As for another aspect, it already began with the photography and today I thing it reaches its full meaning, that being the artist does not need to have any physical share in the production of his/her artwork. The artist is the one who has the idea, which is then being materialized by programmers, engineers or industry. This brings to the point that an artist as an institution is not being observed through an individual but rather through a team of people who realize that particular piece of artwork. The inspiration for my artwork I find observing the nature and the ways it controls our surroundings. What is especially interesting to me is the way a human, through science, understands and expands his/her knowledge about which are the natural laws that shape the form of life and its space. In that way, the art needs to shape and form space in which contemporary man lives, as well as a state of conciseness which needs to follow that space. Hitchcock mentioned how one day the technology will enable us so we don’t have to watch a film in order to experience the emotion that that particular film brings to us, , rather we will 21 4 06 Special Issue