ART Habens Art Review // Special Issue ART Habens Art Review - Special Issue #89 - Page 165

Sandra Janjatovic Well, yes. If we want to express and investigate an idea and/or concept, it is necessary to view it from different angles. We need to see its limitations. In order to keep my focus on one idea, the idea of movement and natural laws, I choose a line, as a means of expression. At first, I am investigating this through a series of drawings and paintings, where I seek the possibilities in representing the empty and filled space, matter and antimatterand how these two components can define a space and understating of it. After this, the two-dimensionality of canvas and paper begin to restrict me, so I turn towards other media which introduce new components in the artwork, such as movement in the video and third dimension in photography and installations. Also, a big inspiration for me, to work in different media, is challenge. If I am familiar with the complete creation process of some artistic piece, it does not provide me satisfaction. That is why I always gravitate towards new materials, new media and ideas, which give me the opportunity to learn and go through the new and unknown process of creation. Many great artists give advice that each artist should find a media in which he is best and to use it to express himself. I went in the opposite way – the time will tell what’s in store for me. ART Habens In my previous artworks, drawings and paintings, I had the open possibilities and space to show and investigate matter and antimatter.In these artworks, I wanted to involve more movements and energy which would influence the transformation of that particular space. Therefore, Metamorphosis was born in the video media, which gave me the opportunity to deal with the movement and the way in which this movement defines the form. That meant that now I am working in time-space dimension and that I am no longer illustrating it through static image, but rather in its original form. Also, with sound I contribute to the depth of that space. The sound which was recorded by NASA’s Voyager space probe deepens and widens the space beyond the borders of the screen, on which the video animation was shown. Another thing I wanted to accomplish with this artwork is that the spectator is forced to observe subtle and slow changes of space and to spend the energy in order to truly examine and convene with it, which is in the direct opposite from his/her everyday life, filled with fast and shocking ambience. I plan to point out this aspect even more in my future artworks. 21 4 06 Special Issue