ART Habens Art Review // Special Issue ART Habens Art Review - Special Issue #89 - Page 153

Irena Romendik ART Habens In the natural world things don’t exist in a vacuum, constantly interacting with each other, intermixing, influencing, mimic each other’s properties, parasitizing, helping each other grow, intermingling, enhancing, or ignoring each other’s presence -- we all share the air we breath. Collaboration is unavoidable, even when it is not recognized as such: even a lonely painter locked in his studio works with materials, consuming the art and craft of pigment making, as well as possibly beer brewing, while secretly wrangling his counterparts from whole preceding art history. In 2017 much of artistic production happens in big “art factories” full of assistants, where it’s the matter of defining a verge between “the artist” and his “tools”, granting the privilege of the credit to the top of the food chain. Collaborations are full of serendipities, often evolving emerging properties into new practices and ideas, and breaking stereotypes -- I agree with Peter Tabor. I love Peter Greenaway’s old film The Belly of an Architect where the whole drama of creation revolves around deterioration of the master’s stomach, exposing multidimensionality of creative process. Currently, I’m working with a beautiful dancer Yuri Ogasawara -- her dance is an essential part of the project. While engaging audience in observation, I use live projection to expose collaborative interaction, inviting active seeing, looking to record an aftertaste, and not a recipe. To 21 4 06 Special Issue