ART Habens Art Review // Special Issue ART Habens Art Review - Special Issue #89 - Page 150

ART Habens Irena Romendik plain boring and get disregarded, and too outlandish are hard to relate to -- the ultimate goal lays somewhere in a fine balance. SOAK 2017 performance is a part of my year fellowship with LEIMAY where I experiment with the process of drawing dance and movement. The working title is The Seeing Hand, where observation of the blind marking technique mixed with the variety of experimental materials and processes enables the audience to experience live movement notation and deepens their appreciation of the essence of drawing. My hope that multidimensional approach will render the process more recognizable to my viewers and will invoke the feeling of intimacy and ease of expression as well as trigger the impulse to act. I want to seduce my audience into potentiality of the action, somewhat like an interactive participatory cooking show. The Ghosts of Scandals Past know and I want to hear yours, I would love you to continue my lines, and I want to see the pictures that your imagination will create, triggered with my drawings. I want you to feel the movement, to hear the As an artist I try to become a fellow traveller who invites you, my Viewer for a barefoot walk on a sand, or a dance on a morning grass, or a silent travel inside a flower petal. I want to share all fairy tales I Special Issue 23 4 05