ART Habens Art Review // Special Issue ART Habens Art Review - Special Issue #89 - Page 141

Irena Romendik ART Habens fantasy. Mind wanders, and former mental image overtakes present moment. Time dances: it slows down, stretches, jumps, and flows depending upon the music in our hearts. Each moment of the mechanical image of clock-time is a self-contained entity, complete unto itself, separate from the others, as pearls on a string, with each one representing a separate moment. With each tick of the clock, we move from one pearl to the next. (Bergson’s image). In contrast to the time captured by clocks, Time-Image might be akin to the pearl necklace soaked in vinegar as one contemplates the process of all pearls slowly dissolving into one "pearlescence". I favor the poetry of lived and experienced time over quantifiable duration of moments passed -- instead of placing those moments in space, I melt them into Time-Image. If we take that analogy further, and add meaning to the time, we can imagine a prayer beads, with each bead representing an individual prayer. In order to feel what I’m drawing, I take butoh classes, I practice yoga, and generally try to keep my body awake to feel better the mechanics of movement in time and space. I usually draw on a floor, with all my art supplies within an easy reach. The process is very much like a nonverbal conversation, and I consider my models a significant part of a dialogue. In the best sessions, a wonderful flow happens in between us, that is very difficult to describe. That not necessarily results in successful drawing, but the energy is indispensable. I begin by looking at options, which is different from acting at random; learning to see by thinking and feeling more complexly about visibility… experienced time flows unevenly, mixing memories, knowledge, beliefs, and feelings from the past, penetrating the future with current minutia, soaking it in dreaming and 21 4 06 Special Issue