ART Habens Art Review // Special Issue ART Habens Art Review - Special Issue #89 - Page 137

Irena Romendik ART Habens movement drawings I play with both time and a path, and you can see it as an invitation to mental dance rather than walk on a straight line. When I draw a flower, I become an ant travelling on a petal, tripping on a bumpy anthers and drinking sweet juices from a stigma, while being a human desperately trying to translate intricate smells with black ink on a piece of paper -- inconceivable translation. And even though most of what I try to communicate is innately non recordable, something in between holds a shape of a negative space previously occupied by the thing and at least mirrors a shadow of an incommunicable. And as Orpheus -- it’s probably better not to look back to it, because of its quantum quality to dissolve on touch. I avoid symmetry and static harmony, and prefer balancing act to stability of the completion, because I invite my viewer to enjoy the dance of time and flow of movement. Stillness for me is a rare nervous interval before the next leap -- always on a tip of a toe, ready to take over. I believe that it’s impossible to “finish” a painting. Even the ultimate stillness of death commences new beginnings. For example, I was trying to catch it in my portrait of a lamb ( s/72157652053749035) I consider a physical object of an artwork as an overture of a compressed energy that can unfold possibility of sharing moments of awareness. I don’t abide to any uniform structure in my works, neither I follow pure intuition. Rather, I combine multiple factors, including all surroundings, the dance, bodies, music, memories, associations, composer, my own hu X[]KX]\[\\]\K]KX]\X[]HوH܋[]\][X[KHۛH]Z[[™X܈\ؘXH]x&[HZ[\X\^[ۙHܚ^ۋ[۝[Z[HY]\[[؝\][H[]\›ۙHZHH\^Hݙ\]] H[ZX[X][8&\\ܚ\[ۈو\Y[[\\H[Y[[\Y\ [^BB XX[\Y