ART Habens Art Review // Special Issue ART Habens Art Review - Special Issue #89 - Page 134

ART Habens Irena Romendik Ukrainian intelligentsia: we studied so many things that were unknown and generally prohibited in Soviet times, such as Luchism or travelling puppet theaters. Luchism traditions of less known Ukrainian artists were extremely influential for my own work -- I still rely on Larionov’s ‘invisible light’ when I need to make “a photorealistic depiction” of a soul. (Here is a link to the example of that: School selfportait 27511/in/album-72157623950555335 s/72157623950555335 7358/in/album-72057594070514181/ 3501/in/album-72057594070514181/ Pratt is a wonderful place that opened to me all range of other possible expressions and techniques: it’s a bit weird, but in US, you can’t get official credits for educational degrees achieved before the age of 18, but since I came with a bulky portfolio of artworks, I was waved from all foundational classes and was free to take any electives I want instead. That was a feast of creation for me -- I did everything starting with traditional photography, film, hand drawn and experimental animations, 3D, sculpture, painting, lithography (Pratt still has stones!), drawings, silkscreens, code, video mixing, and anything in between. My skills of building something out of nothing in Soviet scarcity landscape suddenly got all the materials imaginable. Aftermath ITP at Tisch is an extraordinary place where I added many digital skills to my set of expressions, but most importantly, the notion that everything is possible if you want it, and put some thought, soul, and energy in it. Special Issue 23 4 05