ART Habens Art Review // Special Issue ART Habens Art Review - Special Issue #89 - Page 127

Mona Niko ART Habens can also understand from its title it shows the loving of the one whom she was looking for a long time and now they are together and united and are enjoying the most. If you look at the woman’s figure in this painting all the Islamic, figurative and traditional Iranian elements have been used to show her deep Persian roots. The common idea in all of my paintings is a character of a woman for her fragility and delicacy but at the same time so flexible and tough and in some cases man and woman are combined. My intention is to show today woman who is a reflection of the past woman whom with all the modernization has still kept her traditional roots. But still every painting has its own story. To better show the idea of this painting, the most important elements which engage the audience mind are these light and dark shades. Theses tones would attract the audience and lead them to the main subject of the painting. In general all art works would be attractive with these light and dark shades and color tones. Knowing the degree of these shades plays an important role in giving colors to the items and the level of darkness makes items separate from each other and reveals the texture of each item. In fact I don’t like darkness and I am looking for brightness but that darkness with its silence can convey thousands of meanings to the audience so you cannot remove them from the painting. In “The Angel” painting, I tried showing the idea of a newlywed lady who is ready for her new life. She is reaching the sky by the angel wings. I Also showed an Iranian man and woman in the background who are deeply rooted in their Persian ancient culture. In all the elements of the canvas I tried showing the happiness of a woman in her most beautiful night, her wedding night, through colors and visual elements to convey the full message to my audience. In “I want you” painting, as you 21 4 06 Special Issue