ART Habens Art Review // Special Issue ART Habens Art Review - Special Issue #89 - Page 110

ART Habens Joshua Healey Lapena of world we live in. What is being consumed and what is in control are important in the relation of its space and time; two spaces and the same time. The illusion of depth, is like that of the same space for the same time, but one is a representation while the other is impossible. That objects appear to float in my paintings contradicts the idea of gravity. Their conception can be closer or further from their experience, but they are never in a duality. In the work with the cave, the engine has an even greater presence as t HYۈH]\\XYB]KYHوH[\[܈\YXY ]BYوH]X[[][ۜ\H\[Y XX\XHوHZ[[Z\ۈHYX[[ق]ێZHZ[[][Z[[HZH™][H]Z[[YZHݙ\[\][ۈY\]\][]\YH\[\Z[\\YXYH^HH[X]H[\ۛY[ ]B][H\YܙHZ[[[H[[ B۝^و]H\[\Y\[ [ NN  ˈ[\ܚX\H[XYHقX][XH[\X[\B[\\[ˈH[HXXZ[œ\\[][ۘ[܈\\[][ۘ[\˜\XXH\ۘ\ X][\B\و\][۝YX[ۜZHYYB\]\K\\YXH]ˈHZ\ؚX]B] [[&\X[[\\H\[YH^B[H[[Z[]Y \\[ۈB[][ۈوHۜ[\ۙ\B[ۜ[\ۙ\ˈY][ۈ\\Y[B][ۈH][XHܙX]YHX][˂]\]\H\\\[Y[Y\]\š[X[XYK]][][ۈ]X\›[X[XYH\X]Y\[H[XX[\YB