ART Habens Art Review // Special Issue ART Habens Art Review - Special Issue #89 - Page 11

Jack Rosenberg ART Habens scale, subject matter, material, mark making, flexibility, tolerance; all allow me freedom to make various artistic choices. This sense of liberation enhances and contributes to the distinctive qualities of the final artwork. Each painting begins with a few essentials: composition, subject matter and content/context. As the painting progresses, it evolves. I may have a particular point of view; but the canvas might express something which conflicts with my intention. The canvas and I continue this “discussion” until we come to an agreement. At this point the painting may be at quite at variance of the original concept, and evolved in to something new (and hopefully wonderful, or at least interesting!). This dialogue is a critical part of the art making. It is mostly intuitive but a bit analytical. This is where the magic happens, in the “zone”, as is often discussed. Each series begins with one or two images that I find interesting or stimulating. Then I take them through my process of transformation, look at the results and see if there is a pattern, trend or discovery to be made. After further exploration of additional images through the same artistic lens, I may find that I have created a (mostly) cohesive series of paintings. It may not be an obvious theme, even to me, until there are several to a dozen images which may suddenly lead to 21 4 06 Special Issue