ART Habens Art Review ART Habens Art Review - Special Issue #89 - Page 51

Anita Le Sech ART Habens I think any piece of Art that an artist produces certainly is a vision into their soul. I don’t think there is any way of avoiding this openness to its viewer because then it would not be the real artists work. I think it has to be 100% from the artist to its creation which in turn it will be up to the viewer to analyse. Its all about timing. I usually start to create a picture in my mind, swapping and changing the dimensions of paint as I go along until I can visualise what I want to achieve. The blank canvases around me are a constant reminder that I start to use them and after a few days I put ideas to canvas usually by deciding what materials I will use to make the painting 2 dimensional. Colours and strokes come immediately once the materials have dried. There is definitely a central idea to my works, and that is namely “Connection”. Everyting must connect with each other in some way or other. My paintings are NOT autonmous nor are they systematic. My works generally have a never ending connection like a “Continium” . In particular, are your works painted gesturally, instinctively? Or do you methodically transpose geometric schemes from paper to canvas? My paintings are instinctive for sure, as they come in my dr X[\܈\[[\HH]HY[^H\H[\Y[[H[^HY[[ܞHXYH܈YH˜ܙX]H۝[\ˈ\[ۘ[HB[\YHH[\[YH]H[]ZH][وH[YHHܙX]B[YXH\H[ۙX\\B^][˂[HX]\X[H\H]\ܚ[]\[Y[\XX[H\]ۂYK\YHو]ܝ[X\]^HBH[\ۘH]\YY ][BܚH[Hو[\X[ۋ\YܙHܙX][]ۈܛH[]\ۈH[\]\XYH^\[ۜ[\KXB\\[ݚY\H[KZHHY]و\]X]\[B XX[\Y