ART Habens Art Review ART Habens Art Review - Special Issue #89 - Page 194

ART Habens Caren Kinne On the flip side, my Portrait series works almost in the reverse... it begins with inspiration from everyday observances (characteristics, personalities, emotions, roles or in some cases specific people), and then re-imagined whimsical, otherworldly way. I would have to say no, I do not find that audience reception guides my decision making process in the studio. While I am sure there are many artists who cater to certain requests or even demands from their audience, I feel in th Hۙ[]\\^HYH^Hۈ\[ۋH]H[]\ۜY\YH\[ \\][\XH[[HH[X\[H[\^HY[XXHZ[[X[XY\›وH[N]\\Y][]^]\YKH[][ܙH[\ܝ[[]][X\H^HY[XXBۈܚ]H[H\[ۘ]HX] H[Y]H\[\H[[\X\H[ٝ[YH]YY[H[[\XH]X[]HوHܚ˂H[HH^H]Y]\[BXH\^HHY\H][\ܚ\X[\HXXܚ˂H[]\\وHX]]Hو]XXY]\[Z\ۈ\X]H[YHXH][Z\ۈ]وYH^\Y[\˂[[HܚوXX[ۋ\H\›ۙHY܈ܛۙ[\\[HY[[ۙYX\Y\H[H\[Bܚ[ۈ[[\H[YYܝZ]\Y\˂H]H[Yو]\[Y\[[HX[H[ܝ\YZ[\B\ڙX[XYYKH[[[X][HݙHHܙX]X[Hو[H[]\[ۙH][]]\ܛH]X^HZK[[\Y]B[XX[\YB B\]܂\]