ART Habens Art Review ART Habens Art Review - Special Issue #89 - Page 128

ART Habens Mona Niko My style is figurative which I have added modernism to it and have tried to put more colors and tones in the main elements of the painting which is the woman figure and make it more captivating for the audience. “Today Woman” painting is one of my most favorite works. This painting tries to convey its message by using color and unusual figurative forms. Although so simple but I have tried my best to make its look attractive and apparent. If you look at the painting you will see the figures of few ancient Qajari women painted on the neck of today woman. Yes, sometimes an idea comes to my mind spontaneously. I get involved in that idea and try to develop technic and vision together. I try to develop my ideas by putting a woman in the paintings and showing the changes that time would or will expose on her. During my exhibitions most of the audiences concentrate and think on each and every of my works which this is a very positive point for me. I always try to keep the audience staying on my work and think about its main idea and concept. I also would like to appreciate your kind invitation to your professional magazine and arranging this interview giving me the opportunity to share some of my ideas and works with your readers. For my future projects I am trying to add the concept of future to the two existing past and present tenses in my works in order to lead a progressive path in my career. No art work can be seen unless it is exposed to light. The art work is seen by the combination of black and white and shades. This Z[[\[H\[Y\[XZ[Y[\ۙ\ܙX]\\[\\[H[Y[[ۘ[[XYB][ܙH[Y[HۈH]YY[K[B^HZ[[[[YXH\HX[YH[YKHH]ۘ\HH\Bو^\HH]ۈH[\[YHܘXXH[\]Z]H[Y[]HوBX[&\\X\XX[\YB[[\Y]B[ B\]܂\]