Art Deco Weekend Program Guide - 2016 - Page 8

WELCOME WELCOME TO ART DECO WEEKEND 2016 ® Miami Design Preservation League T he(MDPL) welcomes you to Miami Beach, Ocean Drive and our 39th annual Art Deco Weekend®! A free community art and cultural experience for everyone to enjoy during three days of non-stop events. Our theme this year is, “The Art of Architecture: Celebrating Architecture from Coral Rock to Exoskeletons.” As an Architect this theme is dear to my heart. This year we recognize how architecture is an art form in and of itself. In addition to the artist created; murals, terrazzo floors, iron railings, etched glass windows, neon lights and lighting fixtures that are apart of these buildings the architecture is a work of art as well. From the vernacular coral rock houses of the 1910’s and 1920’s to the exoskeleton structures of today, the materials the Architect selects make their buildings works of art. 6 ART DECO WEEKEND Since 1978 the Miami Design Preservation League has sponsored this celebration. We close Ocean Drive and invite the World to join us in recognizing the historic architecture of Miami Beach. We educate, we entertain, but mostly we have fun! What began as a way of drawing people to the district and teaching them about Art Deco to help preserve and protect it, has become an event that itself is a part of the history of Miami Beach. Today this annual event helps MDPL continue to bring attention to the district that we fight every day to protect. Although our architecture is recognized world-wide, it still needs protection from destruction! By participating in Art Deco Weekend® you are helping us fight the fight to protect these buildings. This year we welcome our cultural friends to Art Deco Weekend; AIA Miami, Bass Museum of Art, Fantasy Theatre Factory,