Art Deco Weekend Program Guide - 2016 - Page 79

IN REMEMBRANCE REMEMBERING RIC EMMETT S ince the first days of Art Deco Weekend when there was a show and sale at Washington Storage (now the FIU Wolfsonian Museum), Ric Emmett supported the efforts of the Miami Design Preservation League by being an active participant in the events of Art Deco Weekend. Later, through his Modernism Gallery, he loaned some great Art Deco furniture to the MDPL’s Museum and held several talks on Art Deco in general and American Art Deco in particular at the MDPL, having published his first major book on the subject in January 2015. Ric was one of the pioneers in promoting Art Deco in the community, his first store which was named “20th Century” was on the 71st Str. Causeway in 1979-1981. Looking for more space to expand the gallery, he opened Gemini Galleries in Hialeah, where the set designers of Miami Vice came to obtain furniture and objects for the now famous series that featured Miami Beach and its Art Deco splendor. In 1989 Modernism Gallery was opened in Coral Gables and became one of the premier galleries in Miami devoted to Art Deco where many members of the community met to discuss and learn about the subject. One of the founding members of the Coral Gables First Friday Gallery Night, he used the opportunity of the large crowds that came to the events to continue teaching about the items in the gallery. In 1995, Modernism Gallery was the first gallery to go “online” with its website, MODERNISM.COM. The website is now a portal for other dealers selling 20th and 21st Century design. In 2010 Ric began writing his book, American Art Deco Furniture and Lighting. Four years later, after massive research which took him all over the United States, the book was revised to be American Art Deco Furniture which was published in a limited edition of 1,000 books and was introduced with a talk and book signing at last year’s Art Deco Weekend. The American Art Deco Lighting book is in the process of being completed by his wife, Iza Emmett, and should be ready to publish by the end of this year. His legacy lives on as the book is in the libraries of the Cooper Hewitt and the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, the Art Institute in Chicago, the Kirkland in Denver, the University of Miami School of Architecture and has been critically acclaimed as the “bible” on American Art Deco Furniture. Ric Emmett passed away on April 7, 2015. He is remembered for his enthusiasm, his love of learning and then sharing what he learned and his great laugh. THE ART OF ARCHITECTURE 77