Art Deco Weekend Program Guide - 2016 - Page 47

A couple of original prints from Tropicolor show their range, from private clients to large companies. of equipment. One piece of equipment allows them to print directly on materials including aluminum, acrylic, wood, plastic, glass and even fabric. The other one is a CNC cutter with computer controlled cutter technology, which allows them to cut a variety of different materials into a variety of different shapes. In 2014, they purchased the biggest flatbed printer (8ft x 10ft) in Florida and can confidently say they create “Big Ass Prints.” Today, Tropicolor Print Studio, a long time favorite of professional photographed worldwide, is a resource for the whole community. Tropicolor offers hotels turnkey services including image sourcing, printing, finishing, framing services and installation. Interior designers turn to Tropicolor for long lasting, archival quality prints, finishing and framing. Galleries and artists use Tropicolor for fine art plexi prints that need to meet the strictest gallery/museum-quality requirements. Art Basel hires Tropicolor for VIP Collectors Lounge & exhibition pieces, and the event industry is a large part of Tropicolor’s market as a source for incredible signage and branding graphics. From world class professional, to locals turning home photos into custom art, the Tropicolor Print Studio family will exceed your expectations. Tropicolor has a long history on Miami Beach and has a bright future! A backlit transparency mounted on plexiglass for Art Basel’s VIP Collector’s Lounge THE ART OF ARCHITECTURE 45