Art Deco Weekend Program Guide - 2016 - Page 46

TROPICOLOR PRINT STUDIO LOCAL FAMILY BUSINESS HAS GROWN AND EVOLVED WITH THE ART DECO DISTRICT T ropicolor is a well-known Miami Beach community business that has been established for 30 years. They are successful because of their ability to stay ahead of the trends and keep up with the ever changing technology in their industry. As we celebrate the “Art of Architecture”, we think of our friend and sponsor Tropicolor, who makes art possible with their services. Tropicolor was established in 1986 by the Chien brothers, Tom and John. Since their opening decades ago, they have been committed to the principle of quality photo printing. Tropicolor is a staple on Alton Road. The booming printing business has been there since the mid 80s. However, Tropicolor’s building was built in 1935 and was originally home to a photo lab. The building has never know anything but photo printing. In fact, some of Tropicolor’s best clients have been visiting 1441 Alton Road for photo services long before they even established Tropicolor and have remained loyal customers of Tropicolor ever since. In 1986 when Tropicolor moved in to 1441 Alton, they started with a humble black and white dark room. At this time all the processing was done manually. However as technology changed, the Chien brothers were determined to keep up with the trends. Within a year, they were printing in color, just in time to be a part of historic transformation of the South Beach and the preservation movement. Soon the one-hour photo prints were all the rage and with help from their parents, the Chien brothers transformed Tropicolor into a one-hour photo lab. Tropicolor’s colorful and quick photo development services held steady 44 ART DECO WEEKEND John Chien, one of the two brothers who founded Tropicolor during the early days of the business. The store’s exterior below in1986. throughout the 90s in Miami Beach. “Horowitz colors” and the fashion industry were a perfect fit for Tropicolor Print Studio. The new millennium arrived and so did digital printing. Tropicolor once again changed with the times. By the year 2000