Art Deco Weekend Program Guide - 2016 - Page 39

Barg Weisberg Take a guided tour of the photo exhibit with the artists as they discuss their work and inspiration. Quarters Photo by Vander, Speed in the city. Photo by Marc Martin Publishing, Nigh Time on SOBE. photographic finalists selected selected to document a wonderful assortment of local architecture. His favorite memory is when he was at Central High in Philadelphia, he had an inspiring English professor — Dr. Gerald Hamm — who would have the class initially write a one-page story. Then have the class summarize that page into one paragraph. Then, the assignment would be to summarize that paragraph into a single sentence. Finally, that sentence was to be summarized with a single word. This is what Arthur strives towards in his photography. Albert Barg and Jeff Weisberg have been photographing together since 1977, and Brandon Quarters joined them in 1985. Their favorite achievemen \