Art Deco Weekend Program Guide - 2016 - Page 38

PHOTO EXHIBIT Marcus 1001 OCEAN DRIVE, MIAMI BEACH EXHIBIT OPEN DAILY FROM JANUARY 6 - APRIL 31, 2016 10AM-5PM (THURSDAY’S OPEN UNTIL 7PM) Photos by Arthur Marcus, Temple Menorah #2 (Miami Beach 2015) Entry in to the Museum and Lecture is $5 (free for students, teachers and Miami Beach residents) Bhirtwish THE ART OF ARCHITECTURE The Miami Design Preservation League will have a photography exhibit featuring architecture from Art Deco through modern day featuring local photographers with a love for architecture. P hotographing architecture is a passion that five artists including Arthur Marcus, Albert Barg, Jeff Weisberg, Brandon Quarters, and Vander Bhirtwish all share. Even though these artists all appreciate architecture, they appreciate it in different ways. Arthur Marcus is dedicated to more of an abstract architecture, taking photographs of large entities such as buildings from the mid 1940’s thru the mid 1960s, and removing some of their contents to create new entities. Albert Barg, Jeff Weisberg, and Brandon Quarters are cousins, and it must run in the family, because these artists are all dedicated to landscape architecture such as National Parks, even including wild life at times. They also have a dedication for the SOBE Art Deco District and its brilliant structures. Vander Bhirtwish has dedicated his architecture career to landscape, fashion, and art deco. Each artist is unique in their own way and their passion for architecture runs deep. 36 ART DECO WEEKEND The artists have all been very successful and have had many accomplishments. Arthur Marcus has maintained his current architectural studio for the past 23 years in South Florida. With his selective visioning for architecture, he aims to infuse a certain kinetic energy into the composition. With Architecture as the palette upon which he paints his photographs, light becomes the paint brush giving the photograph its life; with shade and shadow, lightness and darkness, contrast, repetition, color, geometry and pattern as the features which he aims to infuse into his photography. In 1999, he became associated with the Urban Arts Committee of Miami Beach, the organization charged with educating the public regarding the til-then un-heralded local examples of local mid-century modern architecture. ‘MIMO’ stands for Miami Modern and was the name that the committee eventually labeled the local style equivalent. In 2000, Arthur was one of three