Art Deco Weekend Program Guide - 2016 - Page 25

Digital rendering depicting the memorial site at Lummus Park. Funding for the Capitman Memorial has come from more than 50 government, philanthropic and individual donors including: The Knight Foundation,The Tianaderrah Foundation, The Miami Beach Visitor & Convention Authority, The Gloria & Emilio Estefan Foundation, The Tony Goldman Family, The Greenburg Traurig Foundation, The Galbut Family Foundation, Mangos Tropical Café, Charles Urstadt, The Greater Miami Convention & Visitor Bureau, Neisen & Ana Kasdin, Ellen Chesler & Matthew Mallow, Rose-Unger Family Philantropic Fund, UIA Management LLC, Jane Dee Gross, Saul Gross, Richard Hoberman, Michael Kinerk and Dennis Wilhelm, The Miami Foundation, Mitchell Scott Investment Group, Inc., John Mowinckel, Scott Robins Companies Inc., Mel Sclesser, Mark Soyka, Mitchell Wolfson Jr., Bernard Zycovich, Denis Russ, Landon K. Thorne, Ken Sadowsky, Kevin Neuschatz, John Secor,Wendy Doherty, Lynn Bernstein, Maria Beatriz Gutierrez, Marie Hernandez, Deborah Morrison, Michael Sica, Dona Zemo, Janet Aptaker, Elaine Ferguson Designs, Robert Keiser, Paul Koffman, Linda Kolko and George Neary, James and Laura Quinian, Helene Gomez Diaz, Debra Quade, Richard Milter, Kelly Reid, Christopher Thomas, Linda Van Leer, Alexander Harrison, Bill Hahne, Lori Bakkum, and the Tides hotel. Special thanks to Memorial Design & Construction Suppliers; ArquitectonicaGeo: Laurinda Spear, Margarita Blanco, Jeremy Calleros-Gauger; Independent Casting: Jeb Wood; Overholt Construction: Craig Overholt, Danny Jimenez; Exclusive Surfaces, Inc.: Vicente and Martha Campillo; Akerman LLP MDPL BBC Memorial Steering Committee: Andrew Capitman, the Hon. Neisen Kasdin, Michael Kinerk, Dennis Wilhelm, Beth Dunlop, Michele Oka Doner, Margaret Doyle, Marie Hernandez, Dona Zemo, Bill Farkas The bust was designed by Barbara Capitman’s mother, Myrtle Bacharach Baer in 1940. THE ART OF ARCHITECTURE 23