Art Deco Weekend Program Guide - 2016 - Page 18

TOURS (CONT’D) From page 15 illegal alcohol use during prohibition, to organized crime figures and their activities, from drug smugglers to dirty politicians, and the impact of the “underworld” on Miami Beach. $25 SATURDAY & SUNDAY – 11AM • COCKTAILS with a TWIST: “The Original Miami Beach Cocktail Tour” celebrates its seventh (7th) annual cocktail tour – stopping at three historic/distinctive lounges – this tour combines cocktails and drinks with surprise performances and engaging commentary covering history and architecture. $55 This is a ticketed event and limited to 25 guests. Price of tour includes three complimentary cocktails. Tour meet sand begins at The Raleigh Hotel (1775 Collins Avenue, MB, FL 33139) and last approximately 3 hrs. SATURDAY – 5PM • SOUTH BEACH: A WALKER’S PARADISE: The tour explores 1) what makes the area an appealing place to walk in, for visitors and residents alike, and 2) what factors make it a place that one is able to live in with little or no use of a car. To sum up in a word, what makes it “walkable”. The tour takes participants through both commercial and residential areas of South Beach. The tour begins at the Art Deco Welcome Center and ends on Lincoln Road. $25 SATURDAY – 4PM • JEWISH MIAMI BEACH TOUR: Explores the rise and fall of the Jewish population of Miami Beach over the past 100 years, including a look at the impact of selected key Jewish individuals and institutions, plus an overview of architectural styles in the southernmost part of the city. Tour departs in front of the Jewish Museum of Florida, 301 Washington Avenue. $25 SATURDAY & SUNDAY – 1PM • COLLINS PARK TOUR: Explores the neighborhood around Collins Park, from grand Collins Avenue hotels to MiMo apartment buildings to the Bass Museum. For prepaid tickets and online purchases tour departs from Starbucks on 15th & Ocean Drive (parkside), otherwise, for Tour Tent ticket purchase (on 10th & Ocean Drive), transportation to 15th & Ocean will be provided. Tour lasts approximately 2 hours. $25 SATURDAY & SUNDAY – 12PM MDPL TOUR GUIDES Pamela Asher Gary Appel Joel & Jeanne Arougheti John Bachay Richard Baugher Melinda Berman Howard Brayer Ruben Consa Paul Czekanski Gina Davidson Jeff Donnelly Paula Fletcher Wendy Hayward Martin Jean Jack Johnson Mark Karlin Melissa Kishel Melinda Berman Nancy Lee Franziska Medina Deborah Morrison Marty Mueller Steve Pynes Lois Randall Candice Richard Maureen Robinson Sandra Scidmore Phyllis Sperling 16 ART DECO WEEKEND