Art Deco Weekend Program Guide - 2016 - Page 17

Beautiful, scenic Ocean Drive in Miami Beach, Florida. • OCEAN DRIVE (en Español) TOUR: Una introducción a los estilos arquitectónicos que se encuentran en el Distrito Histórico de Miami Beach. Explora hoteles, restaurantes y otras estructuras comerciales, tanto dentro como afuera. $25 (Adults - $25; Students and Seniors (65+) - $20; Children under 12 – FREE; MDPL members (with proof of membership) – FREE) SATURDAY & SUNDAY – 11AM • MIAMI BEACH HISTORY TOUR: This tour focuses on the history of Miami Beach, including important events, and key trends of the city, from its beginnings as a swamp to the revitalization of South Beach. Along the way, some of the iconic buildings of the city will be viewed. $25 SUNDAY – 4PM • LGBT TOUR: Gay and Lesbian Miami Beach: Historic and Cultural Contributions. The tour includes the history of Gays and Lesbians in Miami Beach and puts that history into a wider national context. The contribution of Gays and Lesbians to life in Miami Beach is explored through a variety of themes including the preservation movement in South Beach, its revitalization, entertainment, and fashion. We will also show you some of the HOT SPOTS of gay life in South Beach. $25 FRIDAY – 3PM SATURDAY & SUNDAY – 2PM • UNDERWORLD TOUR: Explore the Art Deco District through the lens of organized crime and other infamous acts of murder and mayhem. This tour will take a look at the dark side or “underworld” of Miami Beach. From Continued on page 16 THE ART OF ARCHITECTURE 15