Art Deco Weekend Program Guide - 2016 - Page 14

PRESERVATION (CONT’D) Developer renderings proposed for Ocean Terrace. From page 11 million in real estate – and more than $700k in getting the ballot measure approved. In an almost perfect repeat of the events of 1997, the concerns of Miami Beach residents about the development of their town prevailed over the desires of developers for building the highest-yielding investment. On November 3rd 2015 the FAR increase was emphatically opposed by a margin of 55% to 45%, with 18 of 24 city precincts voting NO. Save Miami Beach leaves a legacy of democracy, voter empowerment, and constructive action, which clearly lives on. MDPL remains committed to protecting the residents’ voices and the integrity of the historic districts and resources throughout Miami Beach. Special thanks to the North Shore Historic District Neighborhood Association, Fairway Park Neighborhood Association, citizens of North Beach, and neighbors around Miami Beach who worked tirelessly on these efforts. 12 ART DECO WEEKEND Residents protesting demolition of the Biltmore Terrace, February 7, 2015.