Art Chowder September | October 2017, Issue 11 - Page 8

An Interview with ARTIST J OE K RON EN B ER G KNOWING WHEN TO GO PRO BY JOCELYN WHITFIELD-BABCOCK "New Ears for Old Tales" 36 x 48” Oil T o look at his oil or pastel work, one cannot tell that Joe Kronenberg received his start twenty years after leaving school. Joe began the way every artist does, applying his passion every day as a child—though, in childhood, he concedes that his sister’s artwork was better. His grandfather painted signs in the Pacific Northwest, and occasionally Joe still uses one of his grandfa- ther’s brushes in his own work. Art filled his academic career, especially his senior year of high school, where five of six periods were art related. He even de- signed art for the school newspaper. Following high school, he enrolled in an art program at a local college. Before the year was complete, however, he came to the conclusion that the education system placed emphasis on expression and not method. 8 ART CHOWDER MAGAZINE