Art Chowder September | October 2017, Issue 11 - Page 34

T he festival is in its inaugural year, but has massive plans to present major musicians from all over the globe, the Northwest, and from the local music scene in the Greater Spokane region. Not only will Tinnabulation have bands rep- resenting all sorts of genres, but Tinnfest plans to feature performing artists, inter- active art, art vendors, and [\[œ\\ܛY\ˈH^X][ۜ˜\H]Y܈\\YX\][ [\HX\[YY][HۈBTTPQVSBHH[X[][ۈ\\]YBHܙ[[X[][ۋXYX[H[[܈[Z[و[ˈB[YH\\X]H܈\B\[]\۝\\[XۋBXY\H܈H]KH\[H]HX\وH[\H\][ ]XZ\X]\۝\[B][ [\ܙ[^\[XZB\H]HH\ۘ]\]H]K][]^[Y][ۈ˜[[Z\ۋ[X[][ۈ\HYZ[ٙ]B[\[H]\[ۙHق]\[Xx&\[]\[[[ˈBܛ\[\[[H[HYZB[ \۝X[]]HXYX”\ܛH]H܈H\[YH[۝و\Y]ۈܛ [\\™\ٙH[X\HوZ\][[H[ B[ۙ8'\^K8'HYHYH]Œ M L8'ۙوH[[Y\'H\\^H[HZ[XܛHۙB[[ X[H[\\HYZ[