Art Chowder September | October 2017, Issue 11 - Page 19

Art Chowder: Hello Mr. Camp- bell. Let’s start off with where you were born, and where did you grow up? Ron: By chance, I was born in Seymour, in the state of Victoria, Australia but I grew up and was educated in Mel- bourne. My business life was in Sydney. Art Chowder: Well that explains your lovely accent. Can you tell me how you got started in the industry? Did you go to art school? Ron: I first became interested in animation when I was 7 years old watching Tom & Jerry car- toons in the movie theater. This was before television came to Australia, so kids would gather at the local theater on Sunday afternoons. I saw the cartoons and didn’t know what they were. I couldn’t figure it out. I knew they weren’t real, but won- dered, how did they do that? I asked my great-grandmother what they were. She said, “Ronnie, they’r RW7BG&rЦw2( BBv2ƖR&@g&FR&VRFגƗGFP'&v26B6B@WfW"67W'&VBFRF@G&vw26VB6RƗfR@v27&VF&RWFR66'&VBFBFVv@vFRF&VvWBג6BЦBFגFVVvRV'2BF'B66 *rFVB6W&626v2&RFVגvF7GVFBffW"א6W'f6W2FGfW'F6rvV6W0BV&ƗfrऒvVBF'B667V6f6ǐFFFBFVr6VBV&Ɨfr@B'WBvVFVWf6v0G&GV6VBFW7G&Ɩ@&V6R76&RFF6'&*VFW&R&RG2`VRF֗&VBW7V6ǐ27GVFVCvBF6Wb6W'6RW2FfB7FP'F&6W&&&W&Bg&g&VVrF'B6vFW#FN( 2p&BbF֖rFBRfRff&FRW7G&F""'F7BF@RF֗&VBBFBFSRfWr6WFV&W"7F&W"#r