Art Chowder September | October 2017, Issue 11 - Page 18

BY MJ NODUH W hat comes to mind when you hear “Jinkies!” or “Hold onto your diapies, ba- bies!”? Maybe the names Ed, Edd, and Eddy? If visions of a mystery solver, a group of adventurous tod- dlers, or three crazy pre-teen boys flashed through your head, congratulations! You are familiar with the incredible works of Ron Campbell. With a career spanning 50 plus years, Mr. Campbell has been involved with some of our most cherished cultural icons including the children’s show The Big Blue Marble (for which he won a Peabody award), as well as the Smurfs 18 ART CHOWDER MAGAZINE and Winnie The Pooh cartoons. He was also the driving force behind The Beatles cartoon show, and The Yellow Subma- rine movie. After his recent exhibition at the Marmot Art Space in Kendall Yards, Mr. Campbell graciously agreed to an inter- view with Art Chowder. I was thrilled to be given the oppor- tunity to speak with him, and despite Mr. Campbell’s im- pressive IMDb lists—filled with animation, directorial, and writing credits—the man him- self is humble. He is charm- ing, kind, and patient—even with a nervous interviewer. He was everything I had hoped he would be, plus a bit more.