Art Chowder September | October 2017, Issue 11 - Page 14

"Broken Promises" 24 x 36” Oil J oe travels to historic sites and na- tional parks in the Inland Northwest, Montana and Wyoming to take his photographs. Armed with bear spray and a .40 in case he’s upwind of his intended subject, he sits and waits for the animal to enter in the perfect light, first light be- ing his favorite. “You can’t make up the light. You can’t just paint it in.” Spring is his preferred season, as wildlife are more active then, have their full antlers, and their coats appear healthier. “The muscle structure of a confined animal is not the same.” He captures images of wildlife in their native habitat. Joe usu- ally maintains a respectful eighty-yard distance from his subject, especially if it is a predator. Once, he had to pull back a tourist from harm’s way at Yellowstone. Growing up in the Northwest shaped his love of the natural subjects he paints 14 ART CHOWDER MAGAZINE today. He is a self-educated artist, reviving a method of classical realism with a local slant. He has received numerous People’s Choice and Best of Show awards in Coeur d’Alene. Joe’s artwork is also featured in several magazines and catalogs. Joe was the 2009 recipient of the CM Russell Museum Auction’s “Ralph ‘Tuffy’ Berg Award” for the most prom- ising up and coming artist, and was invited by the museum to join a group of twenty artists at the Russell Skull Society of Artists in 2017. This past July Joe was featured, along with Don Oelze, in a two-man show at Legacy Gallery in Bozeman, and he continues to support himself as a professional artist. “There are very few people in this world who can say that if they never got paid to do what they do for a living, they would continue to do it, every chance they got. I would. I have been blessed to be able to do what I have a passion for.” Joe is represented at several galleries in Idaho, Montana and Wyoming. He can also be found out in the wild, chasing the light and photographing his next subject. If you spot him, remember to maintain an eighty-yard distance. Joe Kronenberg offers a drawing course at Spokane Art Supply, though space is limited. You can find more details here: