Art Chowder November | December, Issue 18 - Page 60

Spokane Valley Arts Council PROMOTING THE ARTS T he arts are an investment in the education, development and future culture of our youth. They provide more ways for more citizens to gather to celebrate traditions old and new. It takes commitment and hard work to help the arts flourish. The goal of these endeavors is to strengthen the community and benefit regional arts and cultural organizations, area artists, and local businesses. GAIL BONGIOVANNI SPOKANE VALLEY ARTS COUNCIL BOARD OF DIRECTORS MEMBER SINCE 2004 Gail is the Owner/Instructor of Gail’s School of Dance in Spokane Valley since 1980. She joined the Spokane Valley Arts Council Board of Directors in 2004 and serves as volunteer co-coordinator. She is the President of the board of In- land Northwest Dance Association, and has been a member since 1991. She has also been a part of ValleyFest since 1990 when the event began, and currently serves as Secretary for the board of directors. 60 ART CHOWDER MAGAZINE The Spokane Valley Arts Council is a regional community arts organization established in 2004 as a 501(c)(3) non-profit, without city boundaries, to better support and enrich the environment in which we live. The Spokane Valley Chamber of Commerce was a founding sponsor of the Spokane Valley Arts Council, providing administrative and management expertise. In addition, many other businesses contribute in-kind and/or monetary support to the council. As part of our goals to create community identity and cohesiveness, we encourage our own distinctive cultural assets. This year we held the first Spokane Valley Arts Council Arts Preview at Pavillion Park in Liberty Lake, in conjunction with the free 18th Annual Ludlow Kramer Memorial Concert by the Spokane Symphony Orchestra. We had five non-profit groups in attendance representing visual arts, theatrical arts, dance arts and Valleyfest which supports all the arts and non-profits. The Spokane Symphony Petting Zoo showcased musical arts before the concert, giving an opportunity to try playing instruments. Each representative shared their love of the arts with the concertgoers by engaging those in attendance with free activities, drawings and information regarding the upcoming arts season.