Art Chowder November | December, Issue 18 - Page 36

RODIN: TRUTH FORM LIFE By Melville Holmes Selections from the Iris and B. Gerald Cantor Collections The Jundt Art Museum, Gonzaga University, Spokane, Washington Balzac in Dominican Robe, modeled 1893 Musée Rodin cast 9 in 1981 Bronze; Georges Rudier Foundry Lent by Iris Cantor Photo credit: cannellfan on / CC BY-NC F rom September 8, 2018 through January 5, 2019 visitors to Spokane’s Jundt Art Museum have a rare opportunity to view twenty-five bronze sculptures by Auguste Rodin (1840- 1917). In this beautifully mounted and highly informative exhibition one visitor described her experience as coming face to face with the huge, ineffable concerns of life and death, love and fate, humor and genius, and hope against hopelessness: a kind of human majesty and gravitas. Rodin was indeed one of the great masters of all time, arguably the last sculptor of genius since Bernini, and kin to the Old Masters of painting. 36 ART CHOWDER MAGAZINE The exhibition contains works that are complete in themselves, such as the portrait busts of Victor Hugo and Rodin’s father, the walking St. John the Baptist Preaching, and the strange Youth Triumphant (also called Young Girl and Fate). But over half of the pieces are studies or parts of larger works. There are independent studies of hands, for example, and preparatory stages in the development of The Burghers of Calais or the monumental Balzac. Besides these there are parts of complex sculptures, detached and cast in their own right, or even reinvented after the fact, as with one of the Shades from The Gates of Hell.