Art Chowder May | June 2018, Issue 15 - Page 8

KYLE PALIOTTO An Artist Interview With The Relationship Between Land and Man C BY JOCELYN WHITFIELD-BABCOCK lad in camouflage, riding “anything with two wheels,” artist Kyle Paliotto blends in with others who enjoy the natural beauty North Idaho offers. Hayden, Idaho, is centrally located with riding trails 15 minutes away, the inspirational Hayden Creek 15 minutes away, and every other stimulating place to paint within an hour drive from his home. Paliotto practices a form of plein air (French for open air) painting. Plein air was popularized by French Impressionists who abandoned the confines of a studio to paint amidst the scenery. Often consisting of landscapes and other outdoor subjects, plein air painting is for those who have a connection with nature. “I love being outside,” says Paliotto. He describes sketching outdoors as a foundational piece for a representational artist. “In nature is how I tune up and get ideas.” 8 ART CHOWDER MAGAZINE