Art Chowder May | June 2018, Issue 15 - Page 56

1898 Public House Dinner With a View By Chandler Baird | T he 1898 Public House was formerly the Spokane Country Club’s banquet hall. The original vision for 1898 Public House was centered on a gastropub style, but Chef Tyler Schwenk knew what people really wanted, and he was right. He created an environment where visitors can sit down for hours and enjoy fine dining, three- course meals with a bottle of wine OR just stop in for a quick burger and fries and be in and out in half an hour.  We tried a variety of menu items on a couple different occa- sions during breakfast, lunch and dinner. Every good day starts with a good breakfast, so let’s start there.   Ah, brunch — sweet, savory and always filled with over-the-top breakfast classics and new inventions. This special meal is one of my favorite ways to spend a late weekend morning. Seriously, a lazy weekend brunch ju ЁЁѡ݅Ѽ䁡и Ё)ԁ܁ݡЁٕ́ѕȁѡչ չݥѠ٥ܸݡӊéѕȁѡ)չݥѠ٥ չݥѠ٥܁ձ5̈́ 5 ȸQѡ)ͽչ́ѽѼՔ]ԁЁٕeЁ٥ͥѕ AՉ!͗ л