Art Chowder May | June 2018, Issue 15 - Page 50

It’s a Spokane CARNIVAL & It’s a Smash Hit T By Janis V. Bers here’s a carnival in town! As a matter of fact this carnival actually lives in town, and has steadily become something of an Inland Northwest musical legacy. Boldly signposting its musical mission statement directly into its name, Smash Hit Carnival is a dynam- ic live music and theatrical show band dedicated to performing highly accurate live renditions of popu- lar hit songs which span well over 60 years and reach right up to today! But the mere title of show band doesn’t even come close to doing Smash Hit Carnival justice. Their electrifying and vibrantly colorful performances are more akin to a Barnum & Bailey Circus spectacu- lar, combining brilliantly played and sung pop and rock favorites with a constantly changing stage show featuring multiple costumes, personality impersonations, crazy on-and-off stage antics, and many more unexpected surprises! Smash Hit Carnival members from left to right: Dirk Swartz, Steve Springer, Michael Hynes, Kevin Dodson 50 ART CHOWDER MAGAZINE