Art Chowder May | June 2017, Issue 9 - Page 57

B E S T B R E A K FA S T S By Chandler Anderson Baird many other smoothies in town. Instead, they use all natural, wholesome ingredients, local- ly sourced whenever possible. I love their traditional “Berry Acai Bowl” with blended acai, berries, banana, and hemp milk, topped with granola, strawber- ries, gogi berries, bee pollen, and honey. I prefer a bowl over a juice or smoothie for break- fast because it is much more filling. If you have never had an acai bowl, you don’t know what you’re missing…see for yourself at The Wellness Tree Juice Bar. Mason Jar The 7. The Mason Jar 101 F Street, Cheney, WA 509.359.8052 Here’s another Cheney breakfast favorite: The Mason Jar. At The Mason Jar, they fo- cus on three things: sustainable, seasonal, and local. They are passionate about ed- ucating and supporting the community in Cheney. The Mason Jar holds various forums and events to help teach locals about food ethics and economic policy. I would highly recommend ordering “The Classic” breakfast dish. This is their most popular breakfast menu item and it is very clear why. The biscuit was so fresh and flaky, the eggs, bacon, sausage, and ched- dar were equally distributed and smoth- ered in their homemade garlic aioli. The real MVP of this dish was the garlic aioli. I hate to be dramatic, but this dish was life changing. I must have the recipe for this garlic aioli and I must put it on everything I eat from this point forward. I went to take the first bite by picking it up and taking a bite…not happening. This biscuit is meant to be eaten with a fork. It is packed full of all of its breakfast biscuit goodness and the biscuit is so flaky it falls apart under all o f the weight. The Mason Jar serves breakfast on weekends until 3pm and on weekdays until 11am. They have open mic night every Thursday and great lunch dishes as well. So, there you have it. These are some of Spokane’s best breakfast spots perfect for your next lazy weekend meal. I hope they make you as happy as they have made me. Keep eating, Spokane! May|June 2017 57